"We now manage our entire enquiry, sales and fulfilment process within Anthill, as a result we act quicker and make more sales."

Kutchenhaus is the UK retail arm of Nobilia, the largest kitchen manufacturer in the World.



Before using Anthill each store had a number of spreadsheets, which made it hard for employees and managers to see what was happening in other parts of the business.

Using Anthill, Kutchenhaus have been able reduce using spreadsheets and now communicate from one system which is easy to use and identifies issues quickly.


Using Anthill, everyone has to take ownership of their own tasks and actions, this makes it easy to see where problems in service and sales are. Having one system for the whole process has improved productivity ten-fold.

Integrating Anthill with the Kutchnehaus website has helped the business ensure a quick response to web enquires resulting in a much higher conversion to in-store appointment.

Customer Notifications

Buying a kitchen is quite complicated and daunting to some customers, which is why Kutchenhaus needed to ensure that their customers are happy throughout the process.

Using Anthill they are able to survey customers to ensure they are happy at key stages in the sales process. The Automated SMS and update e-mails sent out via Anthill have helped keep all customers informed with any internal resource.

Management Information

It was essential that the management team at Kutchenhaus had clear KPI's visibility to manage their growing store portfolio

Using custom reports and management notifications the team have live access to the information they need to drive sales and monitor staff performance.

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