"Using Anthill we can ensure all customer contact is responded to quickly and dealt with correctly. This has enabled us to increase capacity whilst maintaining quality of service and conversion."

AvailableCar is an award winning used car supermarket based in the Midlands, which houses one of the largest displays of nearly new and used cars in the UK, across three supermarket locations.


Time Management

AvailableCar have multiple communication avenues used by customers to get in touch, including telephone and online. The first major change was that all web enquiries were automatically submitted to Anthill and allocated to the correct team straight away.

This ensured that customers were responded to within a set timeframe and all Team Members took responsibility for their own individual customers.


The shared calendar aspect of Anthill is vital in sharing knowledge across the AvailableCar Team Members. 52 inch TV’s at both all sites keep every Team Member updated on when customers are booked in. This gives Team Members the knowledge they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

Anthill also alerts all customers of bookings, like test drives and car collections for example. SMS and email reminders are automatically sent to customer’s, which has decreased the amount of ‘no shows’ by 70%.

Marketing Analysis

Marketing has always been an extremely important part of the AvailableCar business; with highly successful marketing campaigns on-line, on TV and in the press and radio. Since Anthill has been introduced however, AvailableCar have been able to critique their marketing spend much more accurately and see what is working and what isn't.

Daily snapshot reports and access to live KPI's provide managers with the information they need manage the growing operation.

Customer Services

World class services is at the centre of the AvailableCar philosophy. Anthill helps the business survey customers at all the various stages to make sure every Team Member is keeping up to the high standards required.

This allows Management to rectify any potential issues before they become a problem and means they can ensure customers are happy with the service they receive.

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