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"Working with Anthill has allowed us to quickly deliver significant improvements to the way we manage our customers from the point of first contact, through to order delivery and beyond."

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"As for Anthill - wow - just wow. Try it. You'll never make a better decision in business."

"Amazing software - A flexible solution, adapted to our buisness with a multitude of functionalities and very friendly to use. I love the automation tools and the analytics resulting from the e-mail marketing campaign. I recommend!"

"Once you learn how the workflow and dashboards work then the whole team starts on a journey, all moving together and moving faster – it’s a joy for Operational Management. It’s a joy for the shareholders as well."

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"I can honestly say that Anthill has played a huge part in the growth of Kutchenhaus. The main issues other companies have when growing is that they take their eye off the existing parts of the business. Anthill ensures that all aspects of the day to running of a business is tracked and done in a timely manner. Anthill ensures that the whole team is focused and moving towards the same clear goal, it is much much more than a simple crm system.
I would highly recommend John and his team to all."

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Shire Doors

"We have been working closely with Anthill to implement our prospect and customer fulfilment system for our expanding retail business. Not only has it been a pleasure to deal with Anthill, but thanks to their experience they have brought so many great ideas to ensure we have a future proof system to help us scale our business quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended."

Senergy Direct

"Brilliant system. Anthill has helped our business run far more efficiently. The speed in which Anthill was set up was very good. The cost is reasonable in comparison to other systems on the market. The system has made day to day business tasks a lot easier.

Wall of Sound

"Much more than a CRM. Fantastic user friendly interface. Information is clear and accessible and the team did everything possible to understand and deliver a system to suit our requirements and have since offered complete support to maintain it. Enabled us to track our customer experience much more efficiently and dramatically improved our ability monitor the accounts process with ongoing sales and projects.

Energy Facilities

"Friendly team, helpful, always came back to me in a timely manner through customisation to launch. The system has plenty of great features built in whilst still remaining easy to use which I think is a great plus. The team are all very friendly & on hand to help, thanx for their assistance getting us setup & live.

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