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“Our mission is to help companies provide a consistent customer experience across teams, channels and locations.”

Every time a member of your sales, admin or support team interacts with a customer, the conversation will go a little differently. There’s really no knowing exactly what they’ll say or do, or even what channel they will get in-touch through.

When you’re running a company with tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of employees, this amount of variability can make it a little complicated to know what’s going on at times.

At Anthill, this lack of control drives us crazy!

We know that it’s impossible to control everything that goes on with your customers, however, we still believe that you should have the power to control the process.

Technology should be an enabler of a great experience – a tool to help your staff perform to the best of their ability and provide everyone with a unified sense of mission and purpose. Ultimately, we believe that having a single point of truth for customer data, is the best way to successfully manage and grow your business.

That’s why we’ve created a system that gives you maximum control over your customer interactions, no matter how many stores you open, how many teams you need or how many channels you sell through.

We’re here to change the way businesses work and bring them kicking and screaming into the modern age, by enabling you to run your customer processes like a well-oiled machine.

Rebuilding the CRM industry from the ground up…

Back in 2010, John Endeacott, Chief Executive of Anthill, was running a web development agency in the UK, building websites for established retailers.

“Our customers wanted more interest and more customer enquiries from their websites, however once they got them – they couldn’t control the experience and service levels started to slip.”

We decided to use our engineering skills to bridge the gap between companies and their customers, enabling employees to work more efficiently and customers to be looked after. Being a team of web developers, we didn’t need any outside help. We just did what we do best – code (and lots of it!).

Rome wasn’t built in a day – and
neither was Anthill

We listened

John wrote the first version himself, focusing on website enquiries ensuring every opportunity was managed quickly and professionally. A trafficlight system was introduced for management to monitor employee responses, whilst also sending out automated surveys after every customer enquiry. All customer comments were directed to the management team for review, highlighting service problems instantly, whilst there was still time to rectify.

We learned

Sales and customer satisfaction levels rocketed after the direct channel was introduced between unsatisfied prospects and the management team. If a prospect wasn’t happy for whatever reason, the management team would know about it and could take action to rectify the problem and importantly, stop it happening again. Many of our customers started growing as a result, in the comfort, that customer service was under control.

We evolved

With customer enquiries mastered, we added marketing automation, more workflow options and created a unique 360° dashboard engine to provide a focused and tailored experience for all departments.

So, what is Anthill now?

Anthill is a highly customisable CRM platform that organises how customers and employees interact so that companies can provide a consistent customer experience, across different sales channels, teams and locations.

Anthill has been designed for retailers that are looking to cultivate revenue growth by increasing customer volume, whilst maintaining the desired level of customer service across the business.

It does this by introducing tailored workflow streams into an otherwise variable environment of staff and customer interactions. These processes allow managers to control operational activities, while operating across multiple channels, locations and teams.

John Endeacott

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