6 Reasons Why Anthill gives you more for less

Learn why Anthill is the #1 CRM to help you master your unique customer journey across teams, channels and locations.

1. Made for you and your way of working

No standard installations – every business works differently so we shape Anthill to fit your needs.

The Anthill team will work closely with you to understand your processes, data structure and goals as we customise Anthill for you – saving you time, money and frustration. There’s no trial and error with Anthill, we know what’s needed to create a seamless customer experience and are here to help you achieve that from day one.

2. Manage everything with personalised dashboards

Track enquiries, quotes, surveys, sales, installations and support tickets using the same tool.

Anthill was built exclusively to make custom sales cycles a breeze to manage – no matter how complex. Once logged into Anthill, you can manage your installations, remedials, and support processes from the same tool you use to manage your leads and sales.

What will your customised 360° dashboard look like?

Book your free demo today and a member of our team will show you.

3. Sales & marketing automation

No need for other systems, we have automation covered.

Using Anthill, you can create personalised communications to be sent to customers and staff automatically during the customer journey. Use segments and triggers to send emails and SMS messages at just the right moment!

Unlimited stays unlimited with Anthill

Manage & master your processes your way – with zero restrictions.

Anthill is here to solve your problems, not to add to them – unlimited stays unlimited. Use all of the features without the worry of additional costs each month. This allows you to move forward knowing you have an unlimited supply of all the tools you need to maintain a flawless customer experience.

We know your problems...

Because Anthill was built exclusively to solve them

Make every process your own

Raise your team’s productivity by streamlining each & every process.

Anthill is made to work the way you do. Your team’s attention and focus are important so we don’t waste them with clunky processes. We’ll ensure each task runs like a dream. Let your sales team sell, your customer service team serve, and your managers manage – do it all with slick, custom-built processes across every department. This is the way business operations should be.

A fixed price with no hidden costs

Give your team everything they need in a lean, easy-to-use package.

At Anthill, we know what you need and what you don’t because we made this product exclusively for people like you. Anthill keeps it simple for you with a fixed, mid-range price per user. This means no money is wasted on unnecessary features and your setup time will be a matter of weeks (not months). And, best of all, your package will be far more intuitive and easy to use.


"Working with Anthill has allowed us to quickly deliver significant improvements to the way we manage our customers from the point of first contact, through to order delivery and beyond."

"Amazing software - A flexible solution, adapted to our buisness with a multitude of functionalities and very friendly to use. I love the automation tools and the analytics resulting from the e-mail marketing campaign. I recommend!"

"As for Anthill - wow - just wow. Try it. You'll never make a better decision in business."

"Once you learn how the workflow and dashboards work then the whole team starts on a journey, all moving together and moving faster! Highly recommended"

"Friendly team, helpful, always came back to me in a timely manner through customisation to launch. The system has plenty of great features built in whilst still remaining easy to use which I think is a great plus. The team are all very friendly & on hand to help, thanx for their assistance getting us setup & live."

"Much more than a CRM. Fantastic user friendly interface. Information is clear and accessible and the team did everything possible to understand and deliver a system to suit our requirements and have since offered complete support to maintain it. "

Anthill is the #1 CRM
for your unique customer journey

Master your processes, improve customer service & make more money!

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