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World Class Customer Service

From initial customer contact through to lead management, order fulfillment and support, Anthill helps you evolve operations whilst increasing sales and delighting customers.

  • Delight Customers

    Make sure prospects don’t slip through the cracks and that customers are handled in the best way possible.
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  • Refine Operations

    Define your complete process in Anthill to guide employees and ensure that best practise is carried out.
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  • Increase Sales

    Influence prospect activity with targeted & automated marketing campaigns by Email or SMS.
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Data Management

Using Anthill as the one place to store full customer activity from various systems improves internal communication and customer service dramatically. Understanding how your customers are interacting with your business provides new opportunities which will influence their actions and educate employees.

System Integration

The Anthill API allows you to connect in real time with your existing website, legacy systems and applications. Push and pull information as required to facilitate efficient service, streamlined processes and joined up thinking.


The Anthill system has been built to adapt quickly to different processes and amendments. This means you can be up and running quickly without the need for costly consultation and, you are able to evolve your process without significant investment.

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